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With the end of the Canton Fair – 2016 Autumn China Import and Export Fair, it’s time to take a look at the event and what people thought about our new power module!

With the introduction of our highly anticipated 1MW power module that’s been fitted into a 20ft container, we were able to pull in huge crowds and audiences as they took a gander at the our new containerized genset that’s been put to the test in factory testing conditions.

With a 50Hz and 60Hz switchable set, our containerized genset is perfectly capable for usage in any country. Our containerized genset also comes with a vertical discharge radiator design that provides a wide variety of site choices as it features a lower space requirement.

With our containerized genset, we conducted several tests under 55°C ambient temperatures, and the set was tested for a prolonged period of time. We tested the genset at 100% load for 60 minutes, and 110% load for 30 minutes. Both of these tests performed at full capacity with no issues or malfunctions.

The set within the container comes with the DSE8610 Synchronizing Auto Start Control Modules, which is suitable for all of the multi-generator sets. The DSE8610 system module monitors the generator and indicates any operational statuses or fault conditions. This will allow the control module to automatically start or stop the engine on load demand or fault conditions, making the module an excellent unit to have in case of emergencies. The DSE8610 is capable of synchronizing up to 32 generators, including both electric and non-electric engines.

The layout of our containerized genset is as follows: we have both opening sides of the container made for fresh air intake. With the generator in the middle, one side of the roof of the container is made for hot air discharge, cooling the containerized genset.

The main purpose and use of this powerful containerized genset is for rental purposes. The containerized genset we had at the Canton Fair was able to portray the excellent qualities of it that makes it so good for rental use. The format of the generator within the container makes it easy to ship, expediting the process for end-users who chooses this unit. Our containerized genset is also great as its versatility speaks for itself, with both 50Hz and 60Hz switchable sets available for users.

The overall reception of our products was widely positive. All passersby were interested with the implications and uses of the containerized gensets, making it a definite crowd-favorite for anyone that needs the flexibility and reliability that Cooltech Global and our containerized genset can provide.

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